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The Perils of Attachment Parenting – The Atlantic

The Perils of Attachment Parenting – The Atlantic.

I’m amazed at what’s happening.  Basic common sense has left the building! The author doesn’t go nearly far enough conveying her skepticism.

Attachment problems that truly affect children are inherently severe: mental illness and addiction resulting in severe negligence, abuse, or abandonment.

The idea that you’re helping your child with on-demand breast feeding even well past age 2, or constant baby-wearing is ridiculous. It conveys parental anxiety and insecurity – and gives children control they should never have. Embarrassing.

Infants and small children unerringly sense whether you have enough emotional energy for them – or not. And “enough” is just fine, thank you.

Come on folks, it’s getting ridiculous.

The Perils of Attachment Parenting – The Atlantic.

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