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More than ever people are learning that simply talking with someone about their situation is not weakness or failure. It’s the opposite. It’s a strong recognition that a situation needs to be handled well, and that consulting with someone experienced around your situation is intelligent and wise. The “high flyers” do it all the time.

The internet has now made it possible for anyone to consult with someone who can help.

All you may need is that one session to change the direction of your life and help regain any personal bearings. So I’ve developed an initial service model called “90 for 90.” That’s 90 minutes of telephone consultation for $90 – affordable for almost anyone. There is absolutely no sales pitch beyond that.

My standard fee is higher, but that’s negotiable. Unlike some, I don’t offer a free initial consultation, then charge a bundle. It might turn out that a single call is all that’s needed.

I accept Visa through PayPal. Everyone pays in advance, and I will generate a PayPal receipt once the payment is completed. For coaching, it’s customary to pay on a monthly basis.

Regrettably, I’m afraid not. This is online consulting, not in-person psychotherapy.

Mostly it’s the telephone, but I’m increasingly comfortable with Facetime, Skype, or Hangout. I may sometimes use email to communicate about progress or convey important information about an ongoing effort. However, email is not a focus of the service.

I’ll tell you the truth if that’s what I think – and I’ll help you find a therapist. I’ve had many years of experience providing assessments and referring people to counselors and psychotherapists.

Certainly! There is no fixed frequency for working with me. It’s just that “90 for 90” is my innovative approach to folks who want to talk one time only, or to get a feel for this type of service. The piece I especially like is that there’s no pitch to get you to sign up for more.

I do have clients who talk to me weekly, but I have others who do it on an as-needed basis. The choice is yours, you’re in the driver’s seat.

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