Personal Consulting and Coaching


Many people are discouraged and exhausted. Plus, these days, they can be even more discouraged, more exhausted by the process of trying to get help. Not everyone needs psychotherapy, but it remains true that therapy is still mostly where difficult problems at least get talked about – privately and confidentially. And, it’s covered by insurance – if you don’t mind a psychiatric label, a procedure code, and a medical record.

But that’s changing. More people are actively looking to talk with someone about their problems, but don’t need or want the therapist/patient relationship which can unnecessarily distort the nature of the problem at hand.

What is Personal Consulting?

Personal consulting is the least structured, most generic, and also my preferred form of helping. It’s the closest I can get to those initial EAP consultations I truly loved to do. The client launches right into his or her situation and what caused them to connect with me. I react, ask questions, and the client reacts to my questions and reactions. Together we arrive at concrete, do-able next steps.

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I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to work (for example) with a single mom looking to navigate her child’s difficulties in Special Ed while also needing to finesse her “difficult” ex. She doesn’t need a diagnosis for herself in order to bill a third party. She’s the client, I’m helping her sort out her problems, manage her rising emotional intensity, and we collaborate to come up with a reasonable, plausible path that offers relief and hope.

Coaching Services

  • Personal consulting on the telephone ranging from once a week, once a month, quarterly, or, after having established the relationship, “just in time” sessions at whatever frequency the client chooses.

  • Personal Coaching – weekly telephone sessions focused on achieving specific goals. Progress is monitored and measured.

  • 90 for 90 – A unique, one-time only, telephone session lasting 90 minutes, costing $90. One and done with no pitch at all for continuing services.

Getting help to parents today is so necessary and crucial – more than ever. Obviously, one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to today’s families.

Good parents can feel so discouraged and inadequate when the family struggles. Money, divorce, aging parents, co-parenting, sibling rivalry, school problems – the list goes on. Personal consultation and/or coaching help parents become more sure-footed and effective with the entire “cast of characters” impacting the family: ex-spouses, neighbors and friends, extended family, schools, Special Ed departments, sports coaches, and all the various other professionals.

I help parents help their families move forward, by adapting effectively and making adjustments based on values and learning. It’s a process. We see whether those adjustments are working – or not – then make more adjustments. The result is a better-focused, more effective parent – and a more relaxed, healthier family.

Today’s workplace is a cultural environment. It has expectations, spoken and unspoken norms, obvious authorities and hierarchies – and others not-so-obvious. Most people go to work everyday, do just fine, and don’t really think about that. We’re employees inside that culture, and we adapt as individuals being paid to do a job.

However, for many folks, the workplace is more of an obstacle course sitting on a minefield. It’s necessary to go there to make a living, but it’s also filled with people – watching, evaluating, demanding, pushing, and not cooperating. That can affect someone’s capacity to have a good day, let alone feel good about life.

Line managers, supervisors, and small business owners are responsible for the organization’s work product and therefore need to have a feel for the human environment and its effect on that work product. Easier said than done for many.

I’ve been down that road with managers many, many times. Some have good insight, which helps them realize they need to consult with someone. Others are virtually clueless, and make unforced errors that exacerbate ongoing problems.  In either case, consulting with me can be helpful:  to strengthen and improve already good coaching/management skills, or helping to build those skills in a manager who struggles in that area.

That’s where being a “bench coach” to a supervisor dealing with human behavior in the workplace has been extremely helpful.

Are you dealing with a personal situation at home or work? Are you not entirely clear on how to proceed?

Do you wish you could run your ideas by someone, but you also know you don’t want to go into therapy?

My “90 for 90” offer is a one-time only, 90-minute telephone conversation – for $90.
Please consider investing that much in yourself and your ability to handle the challenge in front of you.

  • Personal: You choose the situation that needs to be addressed.
  • Affordable: A fraction of the cost of face-to-face consultation.
  • Flexible: Appointments available before, during, or after regular work hours.
  • Uncomplicated: No ongoing, monthly agreements or weekly sessions – “one and done.”
  • Convenient: No travel! “90 for 90” is as close as your nearest phone or internet connection.

I would love to hear from you!