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Being arbitrary and capricious generate their own problems, and are seldom part of any healthy workplace culture.
Workplaces are far more relaxed and productive when the supervisor is comfortable inside his or her skin, doesn't need to play one-upsmanship with the supervisees, really wants to know and understand what's going on, and doesn't need to let everyone know who's in charge.  They know anyway.
...some of it the result of basic workplace learning, and some of it due to better personnel policies.
Successful "escapees" re-frame their stuck situation — they choose to feel differently about the same circumstances.
The problem is that in the real world that view tends to overlook, or at least sidestep, the issue of accountability. In many workplaces, what distinguishes a manager is his or her willingness to step up, oversee, and really take responsibility for getting the work product done.
A supervisor can be a friend, as long as he or she is the boss first.  Some people “get” this naturally, and others have to learn from sad experience then evolve toward that. 

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