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Effective Helping Means Finding the Right Match

Obviously, there are many things “different” today from what was true when I began this work. What’s not clear is what those differences actually are when it comes to helping the ability to address difficulties, helping children or elderly parents, achieving goals, or hoping to move forward toward a more purposeful life.

Counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, and personal consulting all boil down to being different ways to have conversations with someone about a situation that needs changing. The differences between them do matter, but the essence is still the adult interaction between two human beings – the more focused, intelligent, and emotionally honest, the better.

True, it does feel that the digital revolution and the accelerated pace of living have added layers of complication, but it doesn’t yet feel as if humans have become fundamentally different. Yet.

The hope is to find a match between anyone who might benefit from conversing with me and what I bring from my long career being as useful as possible. A good match is good.

Shaun Kieran

(207) 767-3864

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