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A Surprise Blow at Her Workplace

This wasn’t Manhattan or LA, so referring to Maryellen as a rising star is only meant to convey that her youthful energy as a nurse at a well-respected assisted-living facility caught notice and was appreciated by residents and staff. She combined natural warmth and exuberance with nursing gravitas. She knew her stuff.

She’d started as a reliable part-time relief nurse on weekends and doing 11 to 7 shifts for over a year. Her obvious abilities made it easy for the facility to offer her a full-time staff job when one opened up.   For just over two years she thrived in that job. From the custodians and cafeteria workers to the doctors and the administrators she seemed to know and get along with everyone. She was full of ideas and opinions she happily communicated while also being seen, she presumed, a highly competent solid nursing professional.

Apparently not. Maryellen came to see me on the heels of learning that she had not been chosen for the Day Charge position that had suddenly opened up. This important, highly visible role (that also provided better benefits, a more family-friendly schedule, and a raise) was a job Maryellen was certain she’d earned on the merits.

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