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90 for 90 goes viral! (Well…hopefully)

Here’s an audio about my famous 90 for 90 service:



I’ve also just done a YouTube video about it

And here’s the audio transcript:

Hi – I’m Shaun Kieran and it’s a big moment for anyone when they come to the conclusion that the situation they’re dealing with has reached the point where they could probably benefit from talking to someone.

And after all the years I’ve been doing this work I know for sure that it’s really good for that person to be able to move quickly on that feeling, and be able to find the help they need.

It used to be more true that that automatically meant psychotherapy – counseling – and often it was exactly what was needed.  But it didn’t fit everyone, especially because counseling and psychotherapy are medical services and they require an assessment and diagnosis and a code so that a third-party, either medical insurance or the government, will pay.

One of the good things about the Internet and the digital revolution is that it’s more easy than ever, and there’s less stigma associated with, an individual finding what they need online and, in many many cases, what people need is someone experienced, someone who knows what they’re talking about: to run things by, and to brainstorm with, tell your story, get a response, get things reframed, hear some concrete recommendations, get some hope, renew your energy for what’s in front of you.

So one of the things that I created as part of my online services that I provide is something I call 90 for 90, and to get right to it it’s 90 minutes of telephone consultation with me for $90.

It’s brief, concise, but it’s amazing how much can get done. And one of reasons I’ve framed the service that way is because I want people to be reasonably assured they’ll be getting what they’re looking for.

On the one hand people value something they pay for more than something that’s free, and on the other hand it isn’t that expensive. Even people without much money can pay $90, especially when it helps to get a better handle on their situation.

And it ends there. No pitch for more unless you want to explore further collaboration. So call me or email me.  The information is below, along with a link to my 90 for 90 page on my blog.  I’m Shaun Kieran thank you very much.

Here’s that link to 90 for 90.


Contact me at:

Shaun Kieran

 (207) 767-3864





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