With all due modesty, I’m the person you can talk to (in confidence) about “people problems” affecting either you directly, or a manager or colleague who struggles within the workplace culture and/or is being affected at work by problems on the home front.

Often, all that’s needed is a single telephone session to manage and re-focus actions, thoughts, and emotions. So often I’m reminding folks of things they already knew, but lost track of. Win-win can’t be guaranteed, but I’ve been doing this kind of thing for years, have a ton of hands-on experience, and hard-won wisdom. It’s amazing how often the ability to run a situation past someone like me has headed off disaster and successfully nudged things in the right direction.

I especially enjoy helping someone who takes their responsibilities toward other people very seriously. I’m often used as a “bench coach”: a personal consultant sitting (virtually) next to an individual with important, ongoing responsibilities and/or complicated family situations who needs someone exclusively, confidentially “there” for them – someone with whom they can think out loud honestly, brainstorm, re-calibrate, or “preview” the various options.

We’ve all learned by now that very high achievers actively utilize, and don’t even question, the value of personal coaches, executive coaches, or personal consultants for themselves or other decision makers they rely upon. “Regular” people often (wrongly) think that type of service isn’t an option for them, but will then routinely pay serious money for therapists or counselors after situations have broken wide open – even when actual mental illness, requiring psychotherapy, isn’t really relevant at all.

My down-to-earth perspective helps managers, supervisors, and business owners navigate more skillfully the “human” environment that blends work and family – without making it more complicated than it already is.