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The distilled essence, the core, the basic element of the service I’ve been providing all these years is a focused, adult conversation about a situation someone is dealing with - that then helps that situation be better understood and be truly helpful to that person.

Who are my clients?

A very busy small business owner reached out to talk about parenting his adolescent daughters in the face of his wife’s increasingly uncontrolled drinking. His desire to be decisive, initiate a divorce, and move on, conflicted with what he knew to be the fragile situation on the home front - particularly regarding the younger of his two daughters.

A woman who was a shift supervisor for the mostly male Facilities Department at a Community College wanted to talk about her concerns around her opportunity to go for and accept a strongly likely promotion. She wanted to rise to the challenge, but had concerns about the reality of the overall cultural environment, as well as the effect it might have on her home life.

A teacher who, after finally working through a complex situation involving her Ed Tech, the assistant principal, and the parents of a “difficult” student – and “drained” after the dust has settled - now wanted to discuss with me questions and reservations she has about her own commitment to her educational career.

A director of the local branch of a nation-wide nonprofit feels pressure from above. Leadership at the national level has changed, and is pushing for more numbers, more data, more frequent reporting, and it feels as if she’s on a much shorter leash compared to the relative autonomy she’d enjoyed up to now. Looking for, and changing jobs is the last thing she wanted to be doing now. That’s where we started for our first session.

A successful lawyer with young kids and strong roots in the community, has been recruited to go to Washington DC and be part of a newly formed Federal agency - a great opportunity. He wants to talk about - not just the possible effects on his family - but also possible disruptions at his current firm. He wants a helpful conversation (in confidence) about the difference between healthy career ambition and pure selfishness.

An administrator at the local branch of the state university has inherited a fairly notorious situation regarding a difficult employee whose unhappiness has already generated two previous efforts to discipline or remove her, both of which failed due to union work rules. The administrator wanted to consult about her own options, especially around how to manage things if the employee stays and affects the administrator’s ability to revamp the department and move forward.

A man involved with a deteriorating situation at work. He said he always thought of himself as a good supervisor, with good instincts, but now fears he may be fatally compromised by the way he handled a “nepotism situation.” He described how he “let some little things go, which of course came back to bite me.” He worries that he’s lost credibility with the other members of his crew.

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"I am forever grateful for my sessions with Shaun and the insight that it has provided me."

“Shaun is articulate and thoughtful. He presents information and reflection to you that comes from a place of kindness, positivity, insight, and direction. He challenges you to go further in the understanding of yourself and your balance with the world.

Through Shaun’s help over the past year, I am able to stride farther, be more compassionate to others, be a better partner to my spouse, and understand that concerns I have are concerns that many others have as we go through life….they are important and can be managed effectively.”

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