Personal Consulting and Coaching

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This demo is to learn the elements of creating pages.

This demo is to learn the elements of creating pages.

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  • Personal consulting on the telephone ranging from once a week, once a month, quarterly, or, after having established the relationship, “just in time” sessions at whatever frequency the client chooses.

  • Personal Coaching – weekly telephone sessions focused on achieving specific goals. Progress is monitored and measured.

  • 90 for 90 – A unique, one-time only, telephone session lasting 90 minutes, costing $90. One and done with no pitch at all for continuing services.

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Like many consultants and coaches, my work has tended toward specialty subgroups – in my case, parents and line supervisors. The obvious connection between them is that both require management of their “authority” while also grasping human relationships and their strong emotions, needing and utilizing clarity around responsibilities, and internalizing the need to head toward problems rather than be passive. There are also, obviously, crucial differences in the roles.

But I also specialize in the “general” – the challenges that people are confronted with daily. I’ve been useful to countless clients who were looking to sort out a situation, improve self-awareness, and move forward with purpose. I’m a strong “accountability partner.”

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