The Premise Behind “90 for 90”

As I look back at all those client-contact moments and sessions, all the way to the beginning of my professional career, I’m hoping to see as clearly as possible what were the things that helped – really  – what were the crucial elements to the best outcomes? I can’t get past the conclusion that it […]

Managing Is Not For Wusses

Not everyone slides easily into managing. I’ve seen highly-competent self-starters, responsible for big projects involving huge dollar amounts, totally fall apart when called upon to handle a “people” problem in the workplace. Too often, they “handle” it by simply avoiding it, letting it fester and play out, then – when the situation has broken wide-open […]

One Good Conversation

The idea behind 90 for 90 As I look back over the various client-contact moments and sessions – going all the way back to the beginning of my professional career – I’m looking to see clearly the elements that were crucial to the best outcomes. I can’t get past the conclusion that the first contact […]

A Happy Coparenting Client

Shaun Kieran, LCSW Spring Point Coaching and Consulting

Awhile back, not too long before the pandemic got started, I was in the grocery store and ran into an ex-client. As I usually do, I got my poker face on and looked off into the middle distance, but she came right over to me, gave me a nice hug and said how great it […]

My Actual Niche: Frontline Consultant

Prevailing wisdom says that coaches are supposed to be generalists, but paradoxically, they’re also strongly advised to have a “niche” – preferably more than one, if possible. As many who know me will attest, I’m a generalist if there ever was one, and the human condition is my subject. Despite it being an age of […]

Jackie’s Version

According to Jackie, he should at least get some credit for acknowledging he could “sometimes be a bit of a player.” He was telling me this as we sat at the picnic table outside the Facilities Management building on the Thursday before his final day at work.  He’d resigned rather than be terminated.  Jackie has […]

Learning Is Not For Sissies

Some situations have become difficult problems because the doing, and some of the habits of mind connected to that doing, aren’t working anymore and are also connected to ways of seeing reality that people can be fiercely, unreasonably loyal to – despite clear as day evidence to the contrary.

Pandemic Wisdom: Individuals and Personal Consulting

Here’s an audio (posted in the Spring of 2020) for folks who are listening to everything coming at them about the pandemic, but have private feelings about it all. Now is not the time to put unnecessary impediments between you and your best self. Start where you are and head toward where you know you […]

A Classic “Ask Shaun”

Dealing with the “ex” – keeping him connected if possible – is good for the children and ultimately also for the spouse