11 Jul

Parenting and Honesty

I realize I’m mostly preaching to the choir here on this blog, and I also know that a lot of this stuff is fairly straightforward – but I’m increasingly worried
29 Apr

Anger Toward Her Anguish

  Mine isn’t a high-traffic blog, but I’ve gotten some interesting exchanges anyway. I put this post and comments about coaching highly intelligent people on two of my blogs – I felt there was a
09 Feb

A Good Case

One of my favorite examples illustrating the many benefits of “coaching” a line supervisor happened also because of the flexibility provided by a good Employee Assistance Program (EAP.) A supervisor
16 Sep

Divorce: The High Road is the Way

Taking the high road communicates that you at least take your own life seriously, and that - down the road - you don't want to look back at this major life crisis, and cringe at how you managed yourself.