Success Stories

“Shaun is empathic, smart, and his demeanor is genuine and approachable. He skillfully guided me to a better understanding of my personal choices and behaviors…both past and present.
From start to finish, I ‘just knew’ I was in good hands. No doubt, I am living life with more awareness.
Thank you, Shaun, for time well spent!”
“I began seeing Shaun at the beginning of a very highly conflicted divorce and child custody battle. Over the course of two years Shaun tirelessly helped me regain confidence back and develop the tools necessary to handle each situation and crisis thrown at me. He is a highly skilled professional who offers great insight, empathy and compassion. He comes strongly recommended and I will always be very thankful that our paths crossed.”
“Shaun Kieran is unique in that he has an incredible gift with language. He is articulate, well spoken, and intelligent in a way that is frankly unusual in today’s work world. It is easy to sit back and watch an employee wrestle with old patterns of behavior, struggle to change and grow, and then emerge from the process like a butterfly coming out of the chrysalis.  I have seen this happen more than once, and am amazed at the skill and caring Shaun brings to each employee coaching situation.
He is thoughtful in his comments, is able to absorb the gist of any consulting question, and he can re-frame issues in a way that leaves staff thinking harder and more earnestly than they would alone about their daily business practices and professional situations.”

“Reinforces the value and expected results when you follow through on his suggestions.
Flexible, but results oriented, and monitors progress.
Asks about your feelings and probes to learn what it is you really want.
Makes you do the work, but is always available to mentor and respond to help eliminate obstacles that get in the way.
Believes that you can accomplish your goals, and paints a vivid outcome.”

“I am an LSW & case manager at a mental health agency. In March 2006, I was a passenger when an accident took place that broke both my ankles. I desperately needed someone to talk to who could help me get through, what I felt, was the end of my life as I knew it. My first thought had been of Shaun, but I knew I could not travel to him. I contacted him anyway, hoping he might be able to come up with a solution. He told me he was now doing coaching, not therapy, which is done over the phone. He felt it might help me, said we could try and if it wasn’t helpful, we would stop. He was right. It is so hard to put into words what Shaun has done for me without telling how devastated I was, but I am going to try. My biggest fear was that I would never have my life back, professionally or personally. That I would never be me again. It wasn’t easy for Shaun, yet he helped me to see that the accident did not change who I was, nor did it take away my abilities. He did this with compassion, empathy, encouragement, common sense, intelligence, humor, & when needed, bluntness. He gave me hope when I had none of my own. It has been eight months since my accident and thanks to Shaun, I am back to work full time, with the same abilities I had before the accident. Shaun is still my coach, helping me to deal with a large number of changes that have taken place at work, and issues in my personal life.
Shaun is very versatile and is capable of helping with any problem that comes up, whether personal or professional, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs some help in dealing with life, whatever the circumstances.”

“Shaun’s level of professionalism and commitment to those he supervises is unsurpassed. He listens with an objective ear and offers concrete direction. His knowledge of health care and mental illness provide a world of experience to those he supervises. I walk away from each session feeling refreshed and further educated. Shaun presents with kindness and respect. It is a continued honor for me to be a part of his supervision group.”

“Shaun has provided [our group] tremendous skills . . . around communicating with others and dealing with different cultures within an organization.”

“These two years have been a tremendous source for my growth within my organization and the social work field. The supervision I have received, along with the camaraderie of the group has been invaluable! These two years have flown by! Thanks so much!”

“I have had the good fortune of participating in a [consultation] group under the engaging supervision of Shaun Kieran. His supportive leadership style fostered the opportunity for stimulating discussions by asking thought provoking questions and offering insightful perspectives. He exudes a pride in his profession, and nurtures others to see their own value… I would highly recommend Shaun’s guidance in any supervisory situation”
Additional thoughts about Shaun:
“This man is a brilliant counselor. He gave me amazing support, information, and guidance. My two sessions have made a big difference.”
“I was in need of a “booster shot” and got just what I needed to get back on track in a few sessions.”
“I felt very comfortable with Shaun, he was very personable informative and professional.”
“Shaun was very easy to talk to. He was helpful and not judgmental. A good listener.”
“… Excellent insight.”
“Excellent listener, perceptive and skillful.”
“Shawn gave different ways to think of my current situation in layman’s terms.”
“In just two sessions my issues were very substantially diminished.”
“Shaun is not just professional, but exemplary.”
“… Insightful, reality-based suggestions…”
“It’s good to know Shaun is there if I need someone to talk to again.”
“He was very helpful defining the issues and helping my son better handle his issues constructively. Home atmosphere has improved dramatically.”
“Mr. Kieran was helpful, provocative, and expansive.”
“Shaun was wonderful. Extremely helpful!”
“I was treated in a professional manner. Like a colleague: not spoken down to.”
I tried Sean recently for a family emergency and he was absolutely wonderful. Wish there was more like him.”
“Received clear, concise, extremely helpful information. Set my mind at ease immediately.”
“Offered helpful, practical advice.”
“Very attentive and listen to my every word. Shaun is great at what he does.”
Extremely helpful. He was able to get to the “real” issue very quickly. Kind, honest and very professional.
“Shawn was very effective at assisting with identifying my areas of strength in areas to address.”
“He gave me tools that I can take with me and use every day!”
“… Has helped me to get unstuck.”
“Grateful for your kindness and your great listening. You really made me think about a lot of things.”

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