Despite everything so far and all the noise “out there” most of us still hope our own lives will rise above the current mess and be filled with courage, wisdom, and love.

The sinking feeling that it’s not quite working out that way is often avoided – or outright denied – in order to function, put one foot in front of the other, and stoically do what needs to be done.

What often does manage to break through that trance is when primary relationships – with spouses, children, parents, and important workplace colleagues – become strained or deeply troubled. What had been solace and an anchor is now in jeopardy and obviously affected by one’s own personal struggle.

It’s not easy or painless, but we help you move from where you are to where you’d like to be – with emotional honesty, intelligence, and compassion. We help you see your situation more clearly, and from there make the best action plan for moving forward. Insight and action.

Our approach to coaching and personal consulting is to create a stimulating, trustworthy, and collaborative process. It starts with clarity: the client’s actual situation, needs, hopes, and goals. It includes the whole range of skills: active listening, asking important questions, brainstorming, giving advice and support, encouragement, emotional honesty, and building lasting trust.

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