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Coaching or personal consulting is not advice coming toward you from someone more expert than you – which you end up following, or not.

Instead, think of it as a continuing dialogue about significant personal matters with someone who knows the territory. The net effect is that you arrive at greater clarity, frame your choices more coherently, and act in ways that optimize achieving your hopes for yourself and those you care about – while being your best self.



Personal Consulting Examples:


Are you a divorced mom trying to co-parent with an uncooperative ex?

Are you a supervisor dealing with subtle employee behavior that is negatively impacting productivity and morale?

Are you the parent of a special needs child trying to navigate the world of Special Education effectively?


These are challenging times.  Demands are relentless, while the time available (truly) is shrinking.  People are getting discouraged. Even the best efforts at balancing home and work life can’t prevent serious strains on families – so many are barely putting one foot in front of the other, just hoping to keep juggling those balls.

Any curveball thrown into the daily mix – sudden money problems, a job loss, an elderly parent’s declining health, a child’s refusal to go to school – can throw even highly competent people for a major loop. It’s time for “all hands on deck,” but how to proceed isn’t clear…

If this rings true, the fact that you’re here reading this means you’re actually further along than you might think.  Awareness that your piece of the situation is important, even crucial, helps focus and reduce – rather than increase – the stress and anxiety. Really.

Shaun’s approach to coaching and personal consulting is to help create a stimulating, trustworthy, and collaborative process. It starts with clarity: the client’s actual situation: needs, hopes, and goals. It includes the whole range of skills: active listening, asking important questions, brainstorming, giving advice, support, and encouragement. 

And – every bit as important – it includes an honest assessment of what worked, what didn’t, and how to revise going forward. Shaun enhances a person’s capacity to “see” and react to the actual situation they’re facing. That’s how good outcomes happen.

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